Anna Shoemaker Speaks To Our Innate Desire For Belonging In “Home”

R&B-tinted pop

Photo: Gabriella Aguirre

Fresh from wrapping up her SXSW performance, rising artist Anna Shoemaker captures the feeling of longing and safety we find in the company of a certain individual in her new single “Home.” It’s a semi-acoustic track that is wounded with glimmering chords and smoked with a moody R&B air that breaks down the emotional dependency we have towards someone. It’s lush, intimate and moody where Anna triggers our innate need for belonging and company:

“The idea behind the song isn’t necessarily a physical place, but a person. It’s about being all over the place, feeling lost trying to get a hold of this someone who feels like your home. The song is about more than just a drunk dial. It’s not as much about wanting this person as it is about needing them.” shared Anna.

“Home” is a taste of Anna’s upcoming sophomore EP, which she just recorded with Grammy-nominated producer JT Daly. The gal will be sharing more details soon, so keep her under your radar.