Phil & The Osophers’ “Endeavor” Is Greek Tragedy In Pop Form

For all of us who do not enjoy being human

Photo: Kenneth Anderson

Brooklyn-based artist Phil and the Osophers takes us into the shoes of an exiled Greek myth character who is now a) mortal b) living on earth and c) misses partying with gods in new single “Endeavor.” It’s a playfully meditative track that is unfamiliarly relatable – you may not have been a myth character, but at some point you got exiled from a happy haven (ie childhood). Enjoy and cry while you listen to it:

“It’s my attempt to write in Greek mythological terms. The central character is a banished mythological figure, who still sees his love up in the sky in constellation form, as he once was. Like in a Greek tragedy, he is hopeless, without chance to ascend back to what he sees as his rightful place in the sky.  He can only watch as Orion moves into his place and opine about how he has fallen from the gods’ favor.” explained Phil.

The track is from the band’s upcoming LP From The Rise of Fall, which will be out this summer.