Hembree’s “Almost” Is A Blackhole Of 80s TV Screen

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Photo: Hembree – Almost (Official Video) YouTube

Have you watched old TV shows from the 80s at 3am? You know that weird funky state your brain gets in when the lines of reality and cable start smudging together? Hembree’s new video “Almost” captures that bizarre, surreal state where the screen feels too dim and shiny at the same time. “Almost” has a vintage feeling to it with its old-school aesthetics, but also leaves your mind feeling scattered since it’s built on stop motion. It’s the type of video that once you watch it, you get sucked into it:

“We wanted the video to feel classic, but fresh. Alex and Austin came up with the idea of changing the frame rate to create a stop-motion effect, and the jagged movements fit the cadence of the song perfectly…It was a very collaborative process.” shared the band.

The track is from Hembree’s upcoming debut album House On Fire, which will be out on April 26.  The band has a couple of shows coming up next month, so go see them:

4/13 – Vinyl Renaissance & Audio (Overland Park, KS, USA)

4/27 – The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS, USA)

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