Honeyblood’s “Glimmer” Is A Lesson On Female Gender


Photo: Marieke Macklon

Ditch Women Studies 101 and put your speaker in full volume – Honeyblood has dropped her latest single “Glimmer” where she gives us the Wikipedia summary of the female gender. This gritty and aggressive euphony should be given as college credit since a) sends you fierce frissons, b) gives you a rock’n’roll infusion and c) lets you celebrate women in the most cathartic/therapeutic way possible. Blast this on repeat:

In regards to the track, Honeblood explained that it’s “about the wonders of women. They can be alluring and kind but also strong and badass so you better not double-cross them.”

“Glimmer” is from Honeyblood’s upcoming record In Plain Sight, which will be out on May 24 via Marathon Artists. The gal will also play some shows next month, so go see her:

4/22/19 – Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NY

4/23/19 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA