Teenager Forever Embraces Fabricated Personas & Youth In “#Fake”

Futuristic pop with a touch of pubescence

Photo: Courtesy of Motormouth Media

You don’t need to be an adolescent to like Teenager Forever – in fact, this collab project between Hans and Anna (who are adults btw) speaks to generations of all era who can’t escape the omnipresence of technology. Their latest video “#Fake” is a depiction of the incessant amount of gadgets that dominate our lives to the extent that our identities are now cyborgs. And the duo celebrates our ability to build a ‘fake’ identity that often reflect our most inner desires. Watch below:

The Scandi-pop duo met when they were attending high school in Arhus, Denmark. Hans is currently studying biology in Germany while Anna is studying architecture. The duo will be releasing their debut EP this year, so stay tuned.