EZI’s “Glad I Know You” Is Your Official Sisterhood Anthem

Sis for life

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand

There’s a lot of ‘brohood’ and ‘bromance’ convos going on, but not enough for sisterhood. EZI ramps up the value and meaning of sisterhood in her new single “Glad I Know You” – a chic, heart-swelling single where EZI’s siren-like echoes celebrates all the people whom she share a deep connection. The single also happens to be the soundtrack of Spring Madden Girl campaign, so start memorizing the lyrics word by word…coz when you’re at the Madden store shopping this spring, you want to nail those lyrics:

“When Steve Madden approached me they said they wanted a song that was stripped back with a positive message. I immediately thought of ‘Glad I Know You’ which was just a rough demo at the time.The single is a love song to and about the people I love as opposed to the people I’m in love with. It’s about the ones I stay up drinking wine out of the bottle with, the ones who show up for me, the ones I make music with. My friends. I’m so glad I know you.” explained EZI.

The track is from EZI’s upcoming EP Ladylike, which she hasn’t disclosed further details yet. She is set to play at Cornell University’s Slope Day festival on May 8thalong with Steve Aoki and Cousin Stizz.