Erik Sing Captures The Emotional Mélange Of Relations In “Bittersweet Boy” Ft. Maria Elena Little

Indietronic pop

Artwork: Cora Tiana

Aussie artist Erik Sing joins forces with Ecuadorian/American songstress Maria Elena Little in new single “Bittersweet Boy” – a quirkily, smooth blend of indietronica and pop where Maria’s croons soar over the buoyant synths. The track delineates the seismic nature of emotions when you’re in a relationship with someone. We’ve all been there – sometimes you would risk your life for them while other times you can’t help but wonder ‘WTF am I doing here?’ Whether you’re currently in the highs or lows of your relationship or just happily/miserably single, “Bittersweet Boy” is a sweet hypnotic ballad that you can indulge:

“I came across Maria in my usual way, by going online and listening to artist after artist. I’m always looking for something that stands out. When I found Maria, I remember being immediately caught by her voice and her writing. Another thing that caught me was how professionally everything was presented. I contacted Maria and was thrilled when she got back to me. We worked back and forth with ideas. Maria wrote the bulk of the top line and sent it to me. From there we tweaked until we had the final track. I spent a lot of time mixing and finishing the song to get it right. After such a long process it was worth it.” shared Erik.

“When I first heard the instrumental track of what Erik had created, I was excited. I had never worked with artists in the EDM and electronic worlds of music before. When listening to the instrumental part of the song alone, it sounded to me like a combination of happiness with a hint of pain, it sounded bittersweet. With this I wanted to write something both personal and relatable. I had just left my long-distance boyfriend of two years off at the airport and when I was writing the lyrics, that came out. The title of the song ‘Bittersweet’ represents all the mixed emotions that can come out of caring for a person, both the good and the bad. While the lyrics hint at a long-distance couple, it is about accepting all of the sides of a situation or relationship, even if it is difficult.” shared Maria Elena Little.

Both Erik and Maria are working on new music, so stay tuned for more drops from them this year.