Far Caspian’s “A Dream Of You” Is A Chill, Lo-Key Ode To Your Inner Child

We all carry a younger version of ourselves

Photo: Jeff Barnett

Leeds-based trio Far Caspian pays an homage to childhood in their new single “A Dream Of You” a hazy piece of indie pop bliss that takes your mind floating between memories of the past and present. The track sprayed with nostalgia and exudes a playful childlike wonder reawakens our inner Peter Pan who has been staying dormant since we hit adulthood. Before you go back at adulating (which sucks 70% of the time), take this marvelous trip:

“‘A Dream Of You’ was the first song I wrote for this EP. It was inspired by some of our favourite synth pop bands of the 80’s and gave us the idea to play with that sort of sound for the rest of the songs. It’s mainly about feeling abandoned whether that’s from a relationship or from friends or family and already knowing that feeling from previous experiences.” shared frontman Joel Johnston. “The inspiration for the lyrics came from a place where I was thinking about my experiences as a kid. I’m the youngest of five boys and I was always seeking validation and wanted to be a part of the fun. I quickly got used to the feeling of being alone as each brother eventually moved away from home. It made me realise my expectation of others now that I’m older. The more I have conversations with people the more I realise everyone carries something from their childhood with them and at our age it’s about figured out whether it’s a good or bad thing.”

The single is from their upcoming sophomore EP The Heights, which will be out this summer. They will start hitting the road soon, so get your tickets:

Europe 2019

Tues 9th April – The Polar Bear, Hull

Wed 10th April – Jimmy’s, Manchester

Thurs 11th April – The Shacklewell Arms, London

Sat 13th April – Heartbreakers, Southampton

Sat 20th April – Stockton Calling

Sat 4th May – Live at Leeds Festival

Sun 5th May – Hit The North Festival