Freddie Future Gauges The Weight Of Romance In “Too Heavy”

Futuristic love song

Photo: Anthony Tuccitto

Toronto-based artist Freddie Future gives us the unbalanced reality of lopsided romance in new single “Too Heavy.” It’s a groovy punch to your face where Freddie chants about the cruel fact that many relationships are unbalanced – you can never really gauge how much the other side likes you back. “Too Heavy” is built on a starry-eyed rhythm but the bouncy balladry is grounded by the lyrics where Freddie chants about the emotional burden he has to carry. Stream below:

“‘Too Heavy’ is about the struggle of carrying the weight of a relationship on your own. Once having found love, feelings of being lost soon turn into feelings of comfort. When you’re unable to carry a relationship on your own and you’re constantly apologizing for your mistakes, you become overwhelmed. As problems become vocalized, it introduces a realization that you’re losing your own truth along with your character. Suddenly the relationship becomes too much. Often this comes with the uncertainty of whether or not someone is there for you, and you’re unable to work on the love you once adored.” shared Freddie.

The track is from Freddie Future’s debut EP, Freddie Future (FF), which will be out this summer so be on the lookout.