JVLY Captures The Beauty Of The Unsaid In “tacenda”

Silvery indietronica

Photo: Bruno Stefani

Through a slithery and smoky arrangement of synths, Aussie producer JVLY channels the beauty of unsaid things in new single “tacenda.” It’s chill, but it’s an emotionally dense track where JVLY’s silvery vocals swells along with the atmosphere of the melody. Within the silent interludes and minimalistic beats, there is an air of familiar intimacy we’ve all experienced at some point when certain things are better left unsaid. Stream below:

“‘tacenda’ is one of those songs that came together pretty painlessly. It means ‘things that are better left unsaid.’ I find that building the music into an environment of sounds that trigger or inspire a single line or a story is the best way to write. I think it’s kind of backwards, but it works like that for me.” shared JVLY.

Kayle Butler is the mastermind behind JVLY who is currently working on his upcoming second EP. “tacenda” is out now via Mammal Sounds Records and is a glimpse of what Kayle has in store for us in his new EP.