Moli’s “Nowhere” Is For All The Bad Emotional Decision Makers Out There

Yes, you.

Photo: Moli – Nowhere (Official Music Video) YouTube

British/Belgian poptress Moli gives us a rundown of all the frustrations and out-of-control sentiments that we feel when we become emotionally attached to someone in “Nowhere.” Glossed with the hooky elements of big pop, the single showcases the ambivalent state we experience when we want someone but also fear losing control of our own feelings. The video features Moli rocking a dress and a suit while she chants about the inevitable powerlessness we feel when we start developing dependency on another person. Watch below:

In regards to the single, Moli shared, “It’s about emotional dependency, hopelessness, and frustration.”

Born and raised in Belgium with strong UK family roots, Moli currently resides in Berlin. “Nowhere” is the follow up of her debut EP Résumé,which was released back in August 2018. The gal is currently working on new music and will be playing a show tonight, so go see her if you’re in Berlin:

3/28 – The Reed (Berlin, Germany)