Experience Love At First Photoshoot In Technicolor Fabrics’ “Vente”

Love through the lenses

Photo: Technicolor Fabrics – Vente (Video Oficial) YouTube

Mexican quintet Technicolor Fabrics captures love at first sight through photographic lenses in their new video “Vente” (“Come”) where we witness cupid’s mojo in a photoshoot that is as surreal as the feeling of sudden infatuation. We see a photographer falling for a gal and this weird dude (modern cupid?) who keeps throwing petals in the background. “Vente” is a humorous depiction of the unexpected infatuation that can happen without a warning. The melody is a dense, sticky one that channels a dub-psych pop vibe where Technicolor Fabrics encapsulates you into a starry-eyed state. Watch below:

Technicolor Fabrics will be playing a couple of shows and dropping new singles in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out:

4/5 – El Plaza Condesa (Mexico City, Mexico)

5/2 – La Glotoneria (Monte De Humo, Mexico)