Uppermost Give Us A Negativity Detox With New Single “Overcome”

Electornic symphony of French Touch & house

Photo: Luc Negri

Through gorgeous arrangement of ethereal synths and emotionally-charged rhythm, French producer Uppermost gives us a mental cleanse of our own negativity in his latest drop “Overcome.” It’s cinematic, dense, and floods you with its carefully crafted bassline and echoing chords that exudes an otherworldly vibe. For all of us who need some reset, “Overcome” is the melodic switch we need:

In regards to “Overcome” Uppermost shared, “I’ve discovered that the depth of my music is linked to the experiences I live, especially the most painful ones. Like if you needed to be at your lowest to bring out what’s best in you. Music is a way for me to overcome the negative energy that takes control of my mind when something bad happens, kinda like a silent friend that’s always there to cheer you up when you’ve lost hope.”

Behdad Nejatbakhshe is the maestro behind Uppermost, who draws his sonic influences from Persian and French Touch music. “Overcome” is out now via his own imprint, Uppwind Records.