Crimson Apple’s “Somebody” Is A Skyscraping Taste Of Rock Pop

Coz everything sounds better with height

Photo: RIMSON APPLE – Somebody YouTube

LA-based quartet Crimson Apple takes us to the skyscraping heights of rock pop in their new video “Somebody” where we see the four pour their stage spirit on a rooftop. Glossed with the hooks of pop yet anchored with the edgy aggression of rock, “Somebody” is a chest-swelling piece that sits between American pop and Japanese rock. Produced by Satoru Hiraide, “Somebody” starts off with the same intensity of a ticking bomb before it bursts into fireworks. Enjoy:

Comprised of four sisters Colby, Shelby, Carthi, and Faith Benson, Crimson Apple are originally from Hawaii. The four have been making waves across the pop and rock scene with their debut album Hello. They are currently signed with Amuse Group (Perfume, Babymetal, One Ok Rock) and working on a new EP.