Joe Turner’s “Retina / Stay” Is An Ambient Treat We All Need To Chill With

Downtempo, exquisite

Photo: Courtesy of Ihart PR

South London producer Joe Turner takes us wandering into the clouds with his latest ambient double A-side release “Retina / Stay.” Both tracks are actually contradictions – one starts off by meditating on being haunted by an ex while the other taps into the initial infatuation we experience with someone. It’s as if Joe takes us walking backwards through a relationship, yet they flow seamlessly melodically. If you are looking for music that will help your neurons cool off, this is it:

“‘Retina’ tells a story of a love that once was. From first feeling a lover’s eyes from across the room to the fierce, frantic downward spiral that pursues, ultimately having to draw a line under the past and move on to pastures new. It’s the common tale of a broken relationship, being messed around by an ex-lover and the lessons learnt from that experience.” Shared Joe. “‘Stay’ is the epitome of a musical love letter. I wanted to write a track that focused more on the high times of the relationship and the almost dream-like infatuation we had with each other.”

Joe is currently working on his debut EP, so keep an eye out.