Walla’s “Golden Nights” Is Shiny Groove For All The Pseudo Perfect Nights We Had

Glittering pop for all the perfect nights that went downhill

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

LA-based quartet Walla sprinkles us with golden glitters and melodic energy shots in their new single “Golden Nights” – a groovy portrayal of a night that starts off just right before taking an unexpected turn.  It’s playful, hooky, and has tones of dark humor into it where the four really capture the eyerolling ‘of-course-shit-happens’ attitude we have towards everything that starts off perfect but goes down the drain. Whether this song makes you laugh and dance or cry like a child, you can’t deny its shiny radness:

“A golden night is a night where everything seems to be going great, but then things go south. It is a play on the theme that not all that glitters is gold.” shared the band.

The track is a taste of their upcoming self-titled summer EP, which they haven’t shared much details yet but keep your ears out.