Kada Yorke Explores Our Inner Self-Saboteur In New Haunting Video “Midas”

A 90s horror portrait of the human condition

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Mysterious Aussie artist Kada Yorke gives us a throwback of 90s horror cinema in his new video “Midas” where he exudes a hair-raising intensity without using a single scene of violence. You know those scenes in horror films when the killer might pop our in any instant and you’re paralyzed with tension? Yup, that’s exactly what “Midas” does and it’s stressfully addictive – it’s almost like a vice. And Kada Yorke toys with our uncontrollable tendency to be drawn to self-destructive things like our own vices throughout the song. With a haunting atmosphere and silent intensity, Kada mirrors our inner self-saboteur whom we can never break away from – watch below:

“The song itself expresses desolation, unhealthy vices, obsessions and the light and dark we allhave within ourselves. I really wanted to explore the human condition and how we can cause ourselves so much pain, be our worst enemy and cause so much self-destruction. Throughout the writing process I was inspired artistically by The Neighbourhood, the nuances of everyday life and the people closest to me.” shared Kada.

We don’t know much about Kada for now except that he wears masks, might fight crime at night (emphasis on might), and has a cool Instagram.