Saltwater Sun’s “The Great Deceiver” Is TED Talk On Guitar Pop Steroids

Just what we need

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

Instead of spending 15 minutes listening to TED Talks, spend the next 24 hours and beyond listening to Saltwater Sun’s latest guitar pop treat “The Great Deceiver.” Coiled with airy guitar strings and filled with hefty dose of reflection, the track is a sunny melody where the quintet takes us through the journey of overcoming our own doubts. It’s oozy and exhibits a youthful flair that makes it the ultimate joyride in finding your own voice. Stream below:

“I wrote this song to my younger self. I always wanted to sing but doubted myself because I hated my appearance and feared it would be scrutinised if I put myself out there.” shared frontwoman Jen Stearnes “We all grow up with unrealistic beauty standards, or expectations of how we should be and that makes me think about all the other people have been held back, or made to feel small or like they don’t have a place by those ridiculous standards and expectations. I’ve found confidence over time, but this song services as a little pep talk every now and then, and is here for anyone else who needs it; ‘The Great Deceiver’ is about finding your voice, not giving in to self doubt and learning to be comfortable in yourself, whoever that is.”

The track is from their upcoming EP The Great Deceiver, which will be out on April 5th. They will start hitting festivals and playing shows across the UK in the next upcoming months, so go see them: