Sôra’s “Unchained” Is Hip-Hop For Mavericks

Ambitious, adhesive, A+

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Parisian artist Sôra channels her boldness and ambition in her new zesty single “Unchained,” an intricately built hip-hop piece that is filled with adhesive hooks and punchy lines that is dedicated to all mavericks out there. Despite the rap-heavy aspect, there are undertones of soul and indietronica to the rhythm that you can find as you delve further. Not to mention the badass air:

In regards to the track, Sôra  shared, “Wanna make it nice and clear now, listen up y’all you know I’m vicious, all you gotta do for dimes is to be ambitious!”

Raised in a bicultural household (her mother is British while her father is French), Sôra grew up listening to an array of genre including jazz, rock, and soul. Her critically acclaimed debut EP Number Onemade waves across the media and playlists, making her one of the edgiest, unorthodox artist out there. She will be playing a show next month in France, so go see her:

5/11 – Le Plan (Ris-Orangis, France)