Winnetka Bowling League Dances With Alternative Endings In “Slow Dances”

For all relationships that could’ve had better endings

Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Winnetka Bowling League takes us on a oozy, slow-burning waltz in their new track “Slow Dances” – a crooning, reflection of the big what-ifs we experience in regards to a past relationship. While the track starts off with a soft swag, it quickly builds up as the riffs start bombarding. But no matter which tempo you find yourself in, “Slow Dances” never loses its effervescent buzz that keeps you afloat between nostalgia and imagination. Enjoy:

“‘Slow Dances’ is a song about obsessing over the different endings that could’ve been. Seeing the annoying as endearing in retrospect and hoping she hears the song somewhere out in the world and knows it’s for her.” shared WBL’s Mathew Koma.

The new single is from WBL’s upcoming EP Cloudy With A Chance Of Sun, which will be out on April 26 via RCA. The quartet will also be playing their headline show in Highland Park tonight, so go say hi:

4/3 – The Hi Hat (Los Angeles, CA, USA)