Le Boom’s “Just Want To” Is Misfit Waltz For All Of Us Searching For Our Niche

ortrait of social discomfort in rad choreography

Photo: Peter Fleming

Dublin-based duo Le Boom captures the pains of being a misfit in “Just Want To” – a dance-inducing indietronic piece where the duo lets us vicariously pour out all the discomfort and insecurity we hoarded through cathartic beats. The video, directed by Alina Maria Rancier,  shows two choreographers Bailey Anglin and Wendell Gray who dance like feathers. Within the fluidity of their movement, there is a sensation of freedom and boundlessness that we crave when we find ourselves in environments that don’t fit us. Watch below:

“’Just Want To’ is about being part of a scene that you feel you don’t fit into. That feeling we get when we look at the people around us and they all look like life just comes easily to them – like they’ve got stuff worked out.”   shared Le Boom’s Christy Leech.

The other half of Le Boom is Aimie Mallon who, together with Christy, has been working on the band’s debut EP All Of My Highs, out on May 3rd. The duo will be playing across Europe this spring and summer, so go dance with them:

Apr 12 | Trinity Ball 2019, Dublin, IRE

Apr 21 | Red Bull Free Gaff, Dublin, IRE

May 03 | Thousand Island, London, UK

May 04 | Live At Leeds, Leeds, UK

May 05 | Hit The North, Newcastle, UK

May 10 | It Takes A Village, Cork, IRE

May 25 | South Central, Portsmouth, UK

May 26 | Life Festival, Westmeath, UK

Jun 21 | Sea Sessions, Donegal, IRE

Jul 26 | Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK

Jul 28 | Coronas Big Top, Galway, IRE

Aug 03 | Indiependence, Cork, IRE