That’s Nice’s “No Denyin” Ft. MRY Is Post Disco For All The Hustlers Out There

Perfect for hustling and dancing.

Photo: Jonathan Santos

Mexican producer That’s Nice joins forces with LA artist MRY in new single “No Denying,” a frisson-raining post disco track that tells the story of hustling in this age. There is a pinch of 80s  retro vibe within the blooming synths that sizzles and hops in our system. “No Denyin” is a giant disco ball that hits you with our daily existence dilemma while also radiating the hope we have in making it. Enjoy below:

“The song started out as a remix I was doing for an artist. The track wasn’t coming together because the vocals weren’t working so I decided to turn it into an original song. At first, I wanted to get a DuTonc disco vibe, but the song went in another direction. I started adding different sounds and experimenting. It was really fun mixing synth pop/sawtooth wave synths (a la CHVRCHES) without losing my style. I’ll definitely be doing more of that in the future.” shared That’s Nice.

“‘I definitely feel like I live the 1stverse on repeat. This is all about perseverance and sticking to your guns.” explained MRY

“No Denyin” is available in all streaming platforms.