Night Tales Dances With Unrequited Love In “Elevate”

Photo: Artur Webber

With explosive cascade of synths and punchy beats, Aussie duo Night Tales captures the emotional highs we feel when we’re around the subject of our unrequited love in new single “Elevate.” Like its title, “Elevate” really does some wingardium leviosa magic on you where its hooks lift you up to a higher dancefloor. Enjoy below:

“Elevate is story about the journey of being in love to a place of unrequited love & the hopeful possibility of reconciliation. The optimistic reunion of these lovers is reinforced in the chorus. Elevate is the feeling, the connection and the energy from that significant other, whose able to lift you up, inspire you & navigate you through those low times. Elevate is a window into the recent past and a reminder in the present that their ‘loving feeling’ holds a powerful & positive bond.” shared the duo.

The duo will be hosting a ‘Tales of The Night’ party in Bondi, so make sure to go see them:

4/12 – Junction Gallery (Bondi, Australia)