Amason’s “You Don’t Have To Call Me” Is A Softcore Pop Treat

Laidback, chill

Photo: Tobias Centerwall

Swedish quintet Amason slithers ethereal, softcore pop into our ears with their latest single “You Don’t Have To Call Me” – a smoky piece built on a slow-burning cadence that sends skin-tingling vibes through your skin. This is the type of song you’ll play all day when trying to focus, reach nirvana, or reflect on all the bad decisions you made (and will continue making). This is not for chilling, it’s for chilling 2.0:

“Some songs take forever to complete. Seems like they’re sliding, indefinitely. Be it in and out of the ‘finished’ folder or in and out of your head. Changed and rearranged forever until it’s dead and dried out. This song is an example of the opposite. Bread, butter, cheese, eat. No nervous afterthoughts. We’re nothing but proud.” shared the band.

“You Don’t Have To Call Me” is from Amason’s new album, which the five haven’t disclosed much details yet. Go ask them in person:

4/26 – Åre Sessions (Åre, Sweden)