daste’s “Myself” Is A Smooth Ode To All The Self-Makers Out There

Photo: Tayla Brunt

Aussie trio daste takes us to the dreamy heights of indietronic soundscape in their latest single “Myself” where they give a shoutout to all the self-made hustlers out there. In an age where we can be our own artists, brands, business and bosses, “Myself” is a track that reminds you to keep it rolling through smooth evocative ambience. For moments when you need to just step back and recoup, “Myself” is the perfect track for it:

“‘Myself’ encourages others to approach life with a positive, DIY mindset. In the creative industries, especially, it can be hard to break through the fear of being an independent and it’s important to push and support each other’s endeavours. By using a different palette of instruments within each track we do, it feels like we’ve adopted a really broad audience and we hope that myself, and the music we have in stall, can continue to do that.” shared the trio.

The track is out now via Mammal Sounds Records and is a taste of their upcoming EP Palette, which will be out this May, so stay tuned.