Tom Boy Teaches Us That Two Heads Are Better Than One In “Lowrider”

Urban pop

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Toronto-based duo Tom Boy (fka Cairo) takes us on a quest through the invigorating and chaotic urban labyrinth in their new video “Lowrider.” Have you heard the phrase ‘crowded loneliness’? Probably not coz we made that up (kinda), but “Lowrider” really exemplifies the concept behind that phrase. We see a big-headed character roam through the packed city with an undeniable sense of loneliness before finding someone whom he can really connect. If you want a soothingly high-spirited pop, then this is it:

Co-produced by Tom Boy and producer Crispin Day (July Talk, Shad), “Lowrider” is a taste of what Tom Boy has in store for us this year which ranges from drugs, mental illness, alcohol, affairs, and all the bad decisions that make up great stories. Stay tuned.