City Park’s “Nights Never End” Is Boujee Indietronica

Bar song

Photo: Sammy Huijts

For all of us who had a night out with Natasha (pronounced as ‘Natassia’) or Henry (H is silent), City Park’s “Nights Never End” is the soundtrack that really captures the gist of our boujee encounters. The Amsterdam-based duo takes us on a slow-burning pace of synths, riffs, and silent interludes that channel the sophisticated moodiness that go well with cocktails. Listen, this is not the song for hot mess nights of AMFs and go-go dancers, this is for exclusivenights when you’re sipping martinis at a private rooftop event:

“This song is about the flirtatious nights outside bars and cafés when you don’t want to say goodbye.” shared the duo.

City Park is Saux and Sjaak who are currently working on new music, so stay tuned.