Fly By Midnight’s “Waiting Tables” Is Synthpop For Creative Hustling

Dedicated to everyone on the grind

Photo: Courtesy of Impulse Artists

NYC-based pop duo Fly By Midnight captures the emotional energy of creative hustling (whether it’s n music, art, etc.) in their latest single “Waitning Tables.” It’s a dance and self-care track that reminds you of the patience it takes to make your ‘art’ happen. Whether you’re seeking for a hooky jam or need a reminder to keep rolling, “Waiting Tables” is the track that will help you get through the dancefloor and shitty jobs:

“‘WaitingTables’ is a complete departure from the romantic narrative we wrote about on our last album,” explained vocalist Justin Bryte. “It’s us being a bit self aware of how much patience goes into making music independently, and how it’s not always the easiest.”

“It wasn’t easy to write either,” Slavo continued. “Justin & I rarely have a hard time making music together, but this pushed our comfortability. At one point we asked ourselves are we even able to write a song that isn’t about romance?”

Stay tuned for more drops from the duo this year.