Scarlet Pleasure Sends Us To Paradisiacal Heights “24/7”

Electropop with Spaghetti West infusion

Photo: Märta Thisner

Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure takes us to the paradisiacal heights with their latest single “24/7,” a kooky electropop piece that has the edgy and chill vibes of Spaghetti West genre. There is a sense of invigorating serenity that the trio drenches us with midtempo beats and starry-eyed hooks that channel the bliss of falling for someone. “24/7” makes you feel like you’re vacationing by an oasis in the middle of the desert where the only job you have is to indulge in the endorphins of the most addictive emotion – love. Give it some love:

“We’ve been portraying our very own generation on several songs. Searched for the truth, why we try to escape or at least bend reality with second life social media and endless partying combined with alcohol and drugs. On ‘24/7’ we confront the ultimate drug of them all -love! –and how easily it can effect and distort your life in so many ways.” explained lead singer Emil Goll.

Scarlet Pleasure will be hitting Roskilde Festival this summer and announcing more tour dates, so stay tuned.