Winnetka Bowling League’s “Kombucha” (BRKLYN Remix) Is Melodic Sage For Bad Vibes

It’s time to cleanse any bad vibes.

Photo: Ebru Yildiz

LA-based quartet Winnetka Bowling League helped us cleanse any toxic vibes (yes, it’s a real thing) with their single “Kombucha.” Today, they give us a second round of cleanse (coz once is never enough) with the BRKLYN remix version of “Kombucha” – an purifying version that sends magnetic waves of positivity over your body at a transcendental frequency. Instead of paying $200 to your local Shaman for pranic healing, just blast this remix and let WBL + BRKLYN do the job for free:

WBL’s new EP Cloudy With A Chance Of Sunwill be out on April 26 via RCA. The EP is a solid mixture of existentialism, nostalgia, extramarital affair (“Diane”) and vibes.