Tallsaint Channels The Surreal Cycle Of Social Anxiety In “Hard Love”

And by social anxiety, we mean with specific someone

Photo: Portia Hunt

UK poptress Tallsaint channels that weird experience of anxiety we’ve all been through due to someone in her new single “Hard Love.” It’s a punchy melody where Tallsaint’s edginess paired with vulnerable anxiety nails the hard-hitting despair we experience when want to be part of someone’s life. If you ever felt like you were just playing an ‘extra’ around someone, then this is your jam:

In the regards to the track, Tallsaint describes as “the surreal feeling of being left hanging on the outskirts of someone’s life but still relentlessly yearning for inclusion in different ways.”

The new single is from Tallsaint’s new EP Hard Love, which is out now. The gal has a show coming up soon, so make sure to go see her in person:

5/4 – Brudenell Social Club (Leeds, UK)