La Felix Gives Us A Taste Of Euphonious Simplicity In “Real Thing” Ft. Becca Krueger

Real simple harmony

Artwork: Freaking Super

Aussie artist La Felix captures the complicated emotions that we all experience during the beginning stages of falling for someone in his new minimalistic indietronic single “Real Thing” ft. Becca Krueger. Built on tempered rush of synths and exquisite vibes, “Real Thing” offers a simple yet silvered soundscape where the real driving force of the track is Becca’s sirenlike voice. Stream below:

“Recently, I’ve really been vibing to the minimalistic approach to songs. Instead of layering elements I tried to keep it simple but interesting at the same time. Also, this allowed some space for the vocalist to do the heavy lifting which Becca did perfectly.” shared La Felix.

“When I first heard the track, I immediately fell this positive energy that inspired me to write about the beginnings of falling in love. The lyrics came from a warm and happy place and the song always takes me back to those feelings. I hope it can inspire a little love in listeners!” shared Becca.

“Real Things” is out now in all streaming platforms.