Apathy Kills In Billy Fox’ New Video “Let’s Be Honest”

Hauntingly cinematic R&B

Photo: Courtesy of GD FRNDS

Aussie R&B artist Billy Fox takes us into the surreal world of self-destructive apathy during the most vulnerable hours of the night in new video “Let’s Be Honest.” Awash with blue and purple neon lights that are paired with the flitching scenes, it evokes an Exorcist-esque atmosphere as we watch four store clerks commit second degree murder. And by murder we mean apathy, ignorance, and detachment that keep killing us slowly. The track is a consistent diet of moodiness and meditation where Billy Fox adds subtle twists to reinvigorate some of the most overused R&B tropes, making “Let’s Be Honest” feel freshly familiar. Watch below:

In regards to the video, Director Alex Campbell explained, “It is, at its core, about inaction and corporate responsibility. That is, the ways in which large bodies often turn a blind eye or divert blame when regarding serious ongoing issues. They sweep the mess under the carpet. The metaphor could apply to the lack of support for pill testing initiatives, but could also be applied to inaction over global warming, the mistreatment of immigrants, etc.”

“Let’s Be Hones” is from Billy Fox’ new EP LUNG, which is out now. He will be touring Australia in support of his new EP, so go see him:

4/25 – Bar Open (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

5/3 – The Vanguard (Sydney, NSW, Australia)