N.Y.C.K. Captures Nocturnal Madness In “Wild Streak”

When things get wild, this is your jam

Photo: Courtesy of No Big Deal PR

We all have golden nights where we get pulled and pushed in all directions thanks to bad decisions, guilty pleasures, and carpe diem. Aussie duo N.Y.C.K. captures the madness that we experience at that instant of bliss in new video “Wild Streak.” Directed by Jarred Osbourne, “Wild Streak” captures the thrills of possibility, chaos, and the inevitable existentialism we face in our nocturnal endeavors. The track is a slow-burning R&B piece where the intense smokiness and eerie atmosphere capture the frictional voices in our heads, where one keeps chanting to “buy this, kiss her, snort that” while the other keeps telling you to “calm down, listen to your body, go the fuck home.” Watch below:

“I wanted it to feel nostalgic, relatable, and stark. And simply for the audience to feel it was a slice of life they could relate to. It was made possible because Nick articulates his feelings so beautifully, and the actors were able to find the nuances that created a really connection.” explained Director Osbourne.

Comprised of Dominique Garrard and Nicholas Acquroff, N.Y.C.K. is known for tapping into the bright and dark sides of the human condition. They debuted their EP Aliveback in 2017 and are getting ready to roll out more songs this year, so stay tuned.