Elle Azar’s “Starry Night” Is For Late Night Meditations/Existentialism

The most vulnerable hours of the night

Photo: Courtesy of Threebrand Media

Through slow-burning soundscape and hair-raising croons, Elle Azar captures the fragile state of our minds before we fall asleep in her latest single “Starry Night.” We’ve all experienced this before – it’s late at night, you’re lying on your bed, and suddenly you’re bombarded with thoughts and memories that torture you in every existential way possible. For some of us, this anxiety can be the source of our insomnia. “Starry Night” is a portrait of the mental saturation we often impose on ourselves during the late hours of the night where we’re supposed to be ‘relaxing.’ Watch the metaphysical video below:

“‘Starry Night’ is a sort of lullaby I wrote to myself. It’s about all those late nights I stayed up tossing and turning and feeling like I was losing my mind… Asking exhausting and intimidating questions about the meaning of things, wondering how it would all turn out, If I’d ever meet my soulmate back then, or if I’d already missed that moment— and a million other things. [Then] I had the thought, ‘We can’t solve all of heaven’s mysteries tonight.’ There was beauty in accepting that I didn’t have to have everything figured out just yet. Instead, I can focus on the things that I do know and the beauty that I can see. There’s a lot of peace and perspective in trusting in something larger than me. It made all my anxieties look a little smaller.” explained Elle.

Jillian Cohen is the mastermind behind Elle Azar who is currently getting ready to roll out her self-titled debut album on May 24th. Co-produced by Jeremy Lutito, the record explores Jillian’s own history with anxiety which she has been dealing with since the age of 12. Stay tuned for more Elle Azar’s music.