AFSHeeN’s “Scared Of Losing You” Is Proof That Heartache Is More Digestible On The Dancefloor

Like melodic pepto bismol for emotional grief

Photo: Courtesy of Be Yourself PR

LA-based hitmaker AFSHeeN tells us the story of heartbreak from its stage of despair in his latest banger “Scared Of Losing You.” Yes, the track deals with the emotional torture we put ourselves as we try to cling onto the last shoestring of a relationship that has expired – like that Thai leftover with a whole fungi kingdom blooming in the corner of your bridge. But despite the heavy-hearted theme, “Scared Of Losing You” shines with all the hitgasmic elements of chart-breaking pop. It has simple adhesive hooks, but there is a rhythmic richness to it that slaps you with the emotional intensity that comes with breakup:

“‘Scared Of Losing You’ is the first single of the forthcoming album Storyline Of A Heartbreak. Storyline Of A Heartbreakis the most personal and intimate work I’ve done to date. The process of working on this album felt healing to me and I hope for it to be healing for others.” shared AFSHeeN.

If AFSHeeN’s style sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve already tasted his musical mojo through all the hits that you’ve danced, cried, copulated, worked out, showered, and maybe meditated at some point. He has produced for artists such as Madonna and Selena Gomez, and even done remixes for Janet Jackson, Sia, and Fergie. We don’t know when AFSHeeN will drop his album, so keep your ears out.