Badison Takes Us From Loss To Lust For Life In “Better Place”

Cinematic emo pop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

German artist Badison walks us through the stages of grief in her latest atmospheric pop single “Better Place” where she uses chest-swelling synths and hauntingly silvery echoes to capture the surreal sensation of accepting loss. It’s dark, hefty, and broody where Badison delineates the fragility of life, but also the solid imprint that someone’s life can have on us. With its hair-raising smokiness and expansive choruses, “Better Place” is a journey that helps us see life from a bigger picture:

“‘Better Place’ is a song about dealing with a loss of a friend. Even when you are not really super close friends with that person. There are kinds of people you meet once in your lifetime and they just win your heart immediately. And you don’t know that feeling until you meet them. But when you have to face loss of them so unexpectedly, there are so much questions you ask yourself and if its your fault somehow. This song is about that. While it is devastating it is also a representation of wanting to celebrate someone’s life even though they are not with us anymore” shared Badsison.

Dora is the mastermind behind Badison who has been making waves across the media with her previous release “Slave.” Known for her experimental style that toys with emo, alternative, indie, and every other sound you could think of, Badison is definitely a fan of butchering any genre limitations. The gal will be releasing more songs this year, so make sure to keep her under your radar.