VRWRK’s “The Sun” Is Psychedelic Garage For Your Inner Darth Vader

Join the dark side

Photo: Courtesy of Cannonball PR

London trio VRWRK scratches the dark layers of our own inner psyche with their hauntingly stunning beats and sharp lyrics that cut right to the bone. Thematically and melodically there is a rawness on their work that really speaks to your own inner villain, who also happens to be your best friend. Their latest single “The Sun” is a synthgasmic track that infuses influences of psychedelic and garage, sounding futuristic and retro at the same time. Taken from their upcoming EP The Sun In My Shadow, out on May 17, “The Sun” is an entry to our dark inner psyche that the trio dissects for us with no filter:

“Our shadow is not only the dark, unconscious part of our psyche – it’s also the seat of creativity:” shared Matt Sey, who is also a psychiatrist, “writing this EP was a therapeutic process, we tried to let go of expectations and inhibitions regarding how things had to sound, and worked as freely as we could, just allowing things to flow naturally from an authentic place.”

VRWRK will be playing a headline show next month, so go see them:

5/22 – The Pickle Factory (London, UK)