Health Tip: Eat More Fruits & Dance Even More With Le Boom & Æ MAK’s “Dancing Bug”

Dance away your stress

Photo: Courtesy of Partisan PR

Irish act Le Boom joins forces with Æ MAK in new video “Dancing Bug” where we see them take over the streets of Dublin with stunning choreography. With their color-popping outfit, both acts bring their invigorating charm to the bleak setting. There are random interludes of the members holding fruits, which reminds us that we need to eat more fruits. Anyways, if you’ve been hoarding stress from dealing with the real world all day, then make sure to blast “Dancing Bug” – it will turn any meh day into a chromatic one:

“‘Dancing Bug’ is about falling into your bedroom after a bad day and dancing like fire to your favourite song; to escape the stuff you just had to deal with,” shared Æ MAK’s Aoife McCann. “That energy taking you off into the other world that you’re visualising as you dance.”

The track is from the Le Boom’s upcoming EP All Of My Highs, which will be out on May 3rd. They will also start touring that same day, so go see them:

May 03 | Thousand Island, London, UK

May 04 | Live At Leeds, Leeds, UK

May 05 | Hit The North, Newcastle, UK

May 10 | It Takes A Village, Cork, IRE

May 25 | South Central, Portsmouth, UK

May 26 | Life Festival, Westmeath, UK

Jun 21 | Sea Sessions, Donegal, IRE

Jul 26 | Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK

Jul 28 | Coronas Big Top, Galway, IRE

Aug 03 | Indiependence, Cork, IRE

Oct 10 | Duke Of York, Belfast, UK

Oct 11 | Olympia, Dublin, IRE

Oct 25 | Glassworks, Derry, IRE