Kita Menari Brings Nocturnal Carpe Diem In “Nights In Gold”

A fuckitjustdoit anthem

Photo: Iris Hendriks

Have you ever experienced that impulse to drop everything and seize the moment? It normally hits you at night when you’ve had enough of responsibilities, monotonous work, and rules. Dutch artist Kita Menari, the solo project of Micha de Jonge, boxes us into that limitless moment of nocturnal carpe diem in his new single “Nights In Gold” where he captures the reinvigorating sensation of breaking away from the stagnancy. Even if it’s temporary, we need those impulsive moments to refuel us, which eventually helps us get out of that shitty situation. It’s a sparkling synthpop piece that reignites our lust for life:

“On the surface it’s about someone who has the feeling of being stuck and doesn’t know where to go. This protagonist meets someone and together they decide to get lost inside the night, to take a chance, to not over think things and say ‘let’s fucking go for it’ ! This moment won’t last forever so the song is about seizing it with full force. It’s about more than partying though, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone and taking a risk in the knowledge that you might discover something life changing.” shared Kita.

The single is from Kita’s upcoming EP Finally Awake, which will be dropping tomorrow. He will also start touring soon, so go see him:

27th April – De Haven, Aarschot, Belgium

10th May – Festival Aangeschoten Wild

18th May –  Graspop Festival

15th June – Op de Toffel Festival

21st June –  Waves Festival, Texel

21st June – So What, Gouda

3rd July –  Woodstock Live, Bloemendaal

14th July – Bakkum Verteld Festival

28th July –  Uit Je Bak Festival