TBT: You Know That Anti Up’s “Pizza” Song? Jesus Wants You To Play It Again


Photo: Still from Anti Up – Pizza (Official Video) YouTube

We stumble across old and new melodic gems in the most unexpected ways: Nordstrom restrooms, dog videos, TV shows, and H&M (whoever made their techno playlist was high af). Recently one of our writers was watching a Korean reality TV show called I Live Alone where they featured artist Junghoon (who looks like the Korean version of Timothee Chalamet) devouring pizza with Anti Up’s “Pizza” in the background:

And it got us thinking about the official video where we learned everything we needed about sisterhood, clubbing, and the art of pizza. Beyond dope dough, making pizza requires skills:

Now you know that pizza unites people, create memories, discover Timothee lookalikes, and make everything better.