Blaire’s New Punkgaze Single “Mimer” Is The Coolest Genre-Synthesis

Think of bursting guitar strings with an edgy buzz

Photo: Courtesy of GD FRNDS

Aussie trio Blaire gives us a mixture of punk and shoegaze with their latest single “Mimer – a darkly ethereal synthesis of smashing percussions, guitar strikes, and numbing buzz. Within the chaos, there is a harmonious rhythm to it where Blaire takes you on a reflective trip into the notion of distance. If you’re looking for a track to numb or kick your neurons, “Mimer” can serve both ways:

“‘Mimer’ takes a look at the idea of distance,” explained frontman Ben Stagg. “Whether that be a friend who lives far away, someone who’s passed, a favourite place, country, anything. It is a reflection on the fact that you can still feel whatever’s missing from you in a range of ways, and can be ‘mimed’ by something else.”

Originally from Gold Coast, Blaire has started making buzz across the press with their eccentric punkgaze sound. Keep them under your radar as they will be dropping more beats this year.