Golds’ “Fragile” Is Made Of Anxiety & Hope


Photo: Courtesy of Steady Music PR

Chicago-based duo Golds walks us through the various phases of anxiety and the hope we eventually find in their new single “Fragile.” It’s a hook-heavy minimalistic pop where the duo doesn’t waste any unnecessary embellishments, but use the right beats and grooves that hits your auditory G-spot. With an infectious buoyancy, “Fragile” serves as a melodious reminder that we all have our emotional battles:

“One of the most organic song writing processes I have experienced was writing ‘Fragile.’” shared songwriter/frontman Nate Mitchell.  “I was in a state of confusion, anxiety, doubt and anger, all spilling out as lyrics rather effortlessly compared to the months of writing that other songs have taken me. As I lived out the situation more and more, the song grew with me. The lyrics were sinister, then angry, then sad, just as my mind did in my process own grieving. There are elements of all those moments within the song along with moments of clarity during the bridge; realizing that love is bigger than any reasons I was giving to be angry. The minimalistic production of this song was a challenge to manage correctly without it sounding empty or sloppy.”

Comprised of high school friends Nate and Andrew, Golds formed in early 2018 and have been honing their sound this past year. And we can safely say that the duo has been doing their homework based on how catchy “Fragile” is. Make sure to keep the two under your radar this year and beyond.