Locals Only Sound’s “Billions” Is A Trippy R&B Treat

R&B born out of cronyhood

Photo: Maldoror

Comprised of childhood friends Gray Hawken and Curtis Smith, Locals Only Sound is known for fusing R&B and alternative sound with the edginess of rock. Their latest single “Billions” showcases an eccentrically hybridized mixture of electronic and smoky R&B that has a laidback trippy tone. “Billions” is chill but also carries the intensity of a zestful track that channels the playful vibe of the two. The video shows the duo under dark, lo-fi aesthetics that capture the raw cronyhood between the two that needs no filter or embellishments. It’s lit as it is:

Gray and Curtis met while attending Earl Haig Secondary School, so shoutout to education for bringing these two together. Since songsmithing together, they’ve been producing and developing other artists as well as their own music. The do will be dropping more beats this year, so stay tuned.