Evangeline Takes Heartbreak To Lush Heights In “The Strangest Thing”


Photo: Charlie Ashfield

Channeling a Lorde-esque vibe, Evangeline taps into the pain and despair of seeing someone you love become emotionally distant in new single “The Strangest Thing.” It’s a heartbreaking track, but there is a lush buoyancy to it that is amplified with Evangeline’s crystal-cutting vocals that convey her vulnerability. Stream below:

“I wrote Strangest Thing towards the end of a break up. I was at the time touring and in the UK where I met Knightstarr (in thosetwo days we wrote: Write About, Monster and Strangest Thing). It’s a song about loving someone and feeling them fall out of love with you. When you’re left with the ghost of that person and you are begging them to just give you love. It’s about coming to the realisation that they are not who they used to be. “It’s the strangest thing when you’re the stranger I used to know” the chorus is closure, the cycle of when someone who was once a stranger becomes your world and then they become a stranger again.” shared Evangeline.

“The Strangest Thing” is out now via all platforms and an upcoming taste of what the Aussie artist has for us in store.