Show Boy Peels The Artificial & Nostalgic Layers Of Modern Relationships In “Video”

Alternative electropop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

With ominous undertones and punchy hooks, Show Boy explores the emotional distance and artificiality that social media has created in human relationships in his new single “Video.” Taken from his upcoming debut EP Surreal, “Video” captures the foreign yet familiar feeling of disconnection we live with in the age of social network. Through magnetic robotic choruses and distorted autotune, Show Boy creates a futuristic ambience heavy with synth layers that resemble our own online relationships. Enjoy below:

“The Surreal EP depicts a collapsing relationship in the age of social media, exploring ideas of reality, artificiality and nostalgia in a digital landscape. The lead single ‘Video’ looks at these ideas through the prism of endlessly repeating film footage.” shared Show Boy.

Jovis Lane is the mastermind behind Show Boy who is currently based in London. He’s been making waves across the press with his works and performed alongside acts such as HMLTD, Black Midi, Pixx, and many more. He is currently getting ready to roll out his EP, so go friend him on social media 🙂