Uppermost’s “Forever Present” Is Electronica For Your Mindfulness Practice

Like meditation on steroids

Photo: Luc Negri

If the typical yoga/spa/meditation music bores you to sleep, then try practicing mindfulness with Uppermost’s “Forever Present.” It’s upbeat, bouncy, and cathartic where the French producer orchestrates a symphony of bursting rhythm and firing hooks while also keeping a chill ambience. The track has a rare blend of the emotional and mind-numbing feel to it that makes you hooked, but at the same time detached. Perfect to tame the wandering mind:

“I like the idea that music can awaken our sense of freedom, making us be more open to the present moment, less negative with ourselves. In the space of a moment, it can make you travel to a happy, positive and inspiring place.” shared Uppermost.

Kindness has a show coming up:

6/21 – Parc Salagnac (Malakoff, France)