LUNAS Gives Us The Sound Of House-Garage Fusion With “Feels”

An ode to 90s

Photo: LUNAS Facebook

When you think about house and garage, you think of them as two different genres that shouldn’t be crossed over. It’s like when someone suggests you to dip your French fried into your milkshake, which sounds gross at first. But German artist LUNAS defies our notion with his latest single “Feels” where he delivers an unexpectedly exquisite blend of the two genres. And just like fried in a milkshake, it’s magical. Built on synthgasmic vibrancy and the gritty rawness of 90s garage, “Feels” brings a different taste to both genres:

“‘feels’ is the most personal song I’ve written so far. Therefore I tried to create soundscapes that really fit into the mood of the track. I wanted to combine my own sound design elements with my love for classic UK garage and house music as well as modern pop music. Elements like the Korg M1 organ bass or the shuffled 909 drums are used to evoke that classic vibe from the 90s I was looking for.”

Michael Mauelshagen is the mastermind behind LUNAS who is currently based in Cologne. He will be hitting the stages of c/o Ehrenfeld festival in Cologne on May 4th, so go see him if you happen to be there