The Manor’s “The Lottery” Is A Strong Message Of Perseverance For Non-Gamblers


Photo: The Manor Facebook

Life hustling ain’t easy – especially when it comes to creative fields like music where everything is unpredictable. UK trio The Manor emphasizes the importance of staying calm and keep moving forward with whatever you’re pursuing in new single “The Lottery.” Built on clever lyricism and beats that throb with mounting intensity, “The Lottery” exudes all the vigor and intricacies that comes with the painful art of perseverance. Enjoy:

“It’s all about the ups and downs of the music game and life in general that we’ve been through, from retirement to signing record deals. The simple message is you got to be in to win it, so don’t give up (unless you’ve got a gambling problem!)” shared the trio.

The track is from their upcoming EP Free The Geezer, which they haven’t shared release details yet. So keep hustling, stay away from gambling, and make sure to healthily stalk the trio for new music.