Neon Dreams’ “about you…” Is A Breezy Soul-Cleansing Pop Track

And way too catchy

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Channeling the warmth of summer through breezy lyrics and buoyant soundscape, Canadian duo Neon Dreams takes us on a starry-eyed journey of self-love and discover in “about you…” You can interpret it as a love song, but it also feels like a song for yourself where the duo chant about losing yourself and finding ways to get back to the person you were before. Directed by Alex Gayoso and Frank Kadillac, the video showcases the band in stunning landscape where we see ND’s Kadillac find a new reflection of himself:

Kadillac credits a trip he took to Nicaragua as the main nudge for him to move on as a songwriter this year. “Nicaragua was a therapeutic, spiritual journey for me,” he shared. “I didn’t know what was my next step in life was, and then this camp came out of nowhere like I was invited to Hogwarts.”

Neon Dreams will be releasing more music this year and have a show coming up, so go see them if you happen to be in Toronto.

5/8 – REBEL (Toronto, Canada)